Everyone has people and passions which have special meaning in their lives; heros and role models whose lives and work have inspired them to reach higher and strive for greatness; books, plays and films which have moved them, changed them, and influenced their lives; everyday things which make them feel that life is worthwhile...
Here are some of mine...!
My Passions & Favorites

Stage, Screen and the Spoken word!
Sir Derek Jacobi
Modest, sincere, and gracious ~
a true
and an amazingly versatile artist!
  Kevin Kline                Patrick Stewart                          Chris Colfer                    John Spencer            Mark Harmon
More Favorite Actors
...a few of many
              Sally Field        Judi Dench                  Stockard Channing                    Katherine Hepburn
Stage, Screen and TV Favorites
More Favorites!
Food ~ Sushi, Thai food, NOLA food!
Flavors ~ Dolce de Leche, Chocolate, Cinnamon
Colors ~ shades of Purple, Burgundy, Turquoise
Dog ~ Papillion, Collie    Cat ~ Red Tabby, Calico
Flowers ~ Yellow or coral roses
Authors ~ Ellis Peters, Larry Niven,
Novels ~ Pride & Prejudice, Shogun, Dream Park,
               Clan of the Cave Bear,
Inspirational People, Things and Events ~
           My Father, my children, Barak Obama, Hillary              Clinton, Queen Elizabeth I, rainbows, the                        Olympics
Playwrights ~    William Shakespeare
     Tennessee Williams, Neil Simon, G. B. Shaw
Composers & Lyricists ~ Rodgers and Hammerstein,    
                     Maltby and Shire, Stephen Sondheim,
                     Tchaikowsky, Gilbert and Sullivan
Directors ~ Josh Logan, Elia Kazan, Mike Nicholls,
                     Jerome Robbins, Harold Prince,
Singers/Groups ~ The Beatles, John Raitt, Frank Sinatra
                   Brian Stokes-Mitchell, Audra McDonald
More Actors ~ Sean Connery, Kenneth Branagh, Marlon
                   Brando, Claire Bloom, Meryl Streep, Harrison 
                   Ford, Paul Newman, Humphrey Bogart
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My greatest Passion and my life work and joy is Theatre,
so naturally my greatest inspirations are those artists who exemplify Excellence and true Genius in their work and great humanity in their lives!
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