My Family Pages...!
The Schulman clan stretches from coast to coast, with family ranging from New York and Massachusetts to Florida and California, and friends all over the country and the world!
Here's a quick glimpse into the lives of Schulman friends and family everywhere - more to follow in the future!!!
My other half, partner, best friend, personal technical director and all around nice guy,
my husband, Dick!

Seen in his favorite position...
ready for some great fishing!!!

To have a beautiful, talented daughter is a wonderful thing... to have one who has grown up to be my friend is a miracle!

My lovely Debby, at her graduation and with her husband, Nathaniel !
Apparently a passion for theatre is inherited!  
Debby, a Brandeis graduate with an MA in Child Develpment who is currently working in the Foster Care system to change the lives of children in crisis, is also an AEA member and a talented professional stage manager and actor. 
And my son-in-law, Nathaniel is a great lighting designer! 

But my genius son, Brian, the MIT alumnus, surprised us all by following in the family footsteps, turning his eyes to directing and acting like his mom, and then expanding his interests to film editing.  Here, he struts his stuff as a bloodthirsty pirate in "The Pirates of Penzance" and "Sir Joseph Porter, KCB" in "HMS Pinafore" with MIT's Gilbert & Sullivan Players!
And then there are.....

Our Grandchildren !!!

Certainly the most beautiful, special, wonderful children in the world,
no matter where they live they are the greatest joy of getting older!
***** Justin *********** Hayley ********** Keith ******* Julia *****