Shane Harrison Packard...
Welcome to the world!!!
October 27, 2005 - 9:40am
My first "natural" Grandson!!!
Grandma (me!) kvells!
Our new little angel!
Shane's Bris - Nov. 3, 2005
The Happy Family - Debby, Nathaniel and Shane
My baby and her baby get to know each other...

Checking out his new world...
In the hospital - Shane greets the world...
A quiet moment for Mommy and Shane
Grandpop "Grumpy" (Dick) and Shane
Meeting Uncle Brian
Mommy and Daddy wait anxiously...
Grandpa Dennis holds Shane as the Mohel makes the ritual cut.
Shane meets Grandma Lisa and Dora the Explorer
Grandpa Dennis (Debby's Dad) enjoys his first grandson!