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Masters Dissertation

This is a work in progress...

I am beginning work on my Master's dissertation which will explore an alternative approach to the roles of Gertrude and Ophelia in "Hamlet" based on Shakespeare's intense focus on pretense and meta-theatricality in the play. It proposes the reinterpretation of both characters as more active participants in the actions of the play than are traditionally presented - as active co-conspirators in the action of the play: Ophelia with Hamlet, and Gertrude with Claudius.
This dissertation has informed and will be informed by a stage production of my own interpretation of Hamlet based on that reinterpretation which was performed under my direction at:

The Woodward Shakespeare Festival
Fresno, California
August 14 - September 13, 2008

This production put my thesis into practice and tested its feasibility on stage. 

The production has generate its promptbook as well as a director's rehearsal journal and a video of the performance which will all be included as a reference in the bibliography of the dissertation.

The photos below are from that production.  Click on them for more production photos.



As I begin accummulating research and information on the production, I will continue updating this site.

Hamlet's Women: Her fighting soul
"God hath given you one face and you make yourself another."